Largo United & BT Sports Academy Join Forces


We are excited to announce BT Sports Academy will be the Sports Performance Training partner for our club and athletes.

BT Sports Academy is the largest performance training facility in Tampa Bay. BTSA offers:

· 4 outdoor FIFA quality artificial turf fields with COOL misting systems

· 2 indoor Futsal/Tennis/Pickle ball courts

· 4000 sf Athlete performance training center

· 2000 sf Full body compression recovery, massage and physical therapy center (Infrared Saunas & Cryotherapy)

· 1500 sf air-conditioned sports lounge and supplements center

· Athletic sport performance testing program with progress reports every four weeks

Athletes Performance Training Program is design by Director of Performance Training, Ms. Nicole Gabriel.

Nicole Gabriel is a highly sought-after performance trainer, she has helped athletes at all levels - from youth sports to the professional ranks- achieve their highest levels of performance. Nicole has trained over eighty professional athletes, including Hunter Pence, Lance McCullers, Jr., Brett Pill, Gregor Blanco, Sean Rodriguez, Andres Blanco. Her work with her athletes has been featured in various publications such as Muscle & Fitness, Tampa Bay Times, USA Today, NY Times.

BTSA Training Services:
BTSA offers an innovative approach to training, building on a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athlete's individual goals. Their unique program includes instruction in movement training, injury reduction and rehabilitation, linear and lateral speed techniques, agility and foot speed, explosive power development, proper functional strength training and conditioning. Athletes are closely supervised as we take them through an intense 60-minute workout with attention always being paid to proper technique and safety.

Athlete Sport Performance Testing:
With their proprietary athlete’s performance test, their goal is to get our athletes to reach their full potential. BTSA tailor a test for each sport and an analytical program to assess our athletes. Monthly evaluations are done to show the progress that has been made.

We are excited to implement this new innovative performance training programs to Largo United family.