Group Breakdown

The following is a break-down of how each division will work:

  • 3 Team Division  - 1 Group of 3. Each team will play 2 group games. On Sunday seeds 2 and 3 will play in a semi-final and the winner of the semi-final will advance to the final and play seed 1.
  • 4 Team Division- 1 Group of 4. Each team will play 3 games and top 2 teams in points will play in Final.
  • 5 Team Division- 1 Group of 5. Each team will play a random two games. 1st place team after first two games will adavnce to finals. 2nd & 3rd place teams will play in a semi-final. The 4th  and 5th place team will play in a consolation game. .
  • 6 Team Division- 1 Group of 6 teams. Each team will play a schedule of 3 games. The 2 teams with highest point total in the ENTIRE Division will play in the Final.  
  • 8 Team Division- 2 Groups of 4 Each team will play 3 games against the other 3 teams in their group.  Group A winner will play Group B winner in Final.